How to Get Started

Establish a Budget

Before getting started it is important to have a budget in mind for your project. A budget that is too low can be equally as detrimental as one that is too high. Communicating a realistic financial plan to us ahead of time allows us to provide you with choices that will keep your project on budget.

Make Design Decisions

Before moving forward in the design of your custom cabinets, it is important to make decisions on the appliances and/or fixtures that you intend to install. Once we know these details, we can design your cabinets to fit them exactly, or hide them if preferred. Here are some appliance decisions to consider when planning for your custom cabinets:

  • Natural Gas or Electric?
  • Single or double oven?
  • Separate stove and cooktop?
  • Number of cooktop burners?
  • Appliance size: Width, height, standard or counter depth, side by side or stacking?
  • Down draft ventilation or a ventilator hood?
  • Do you want integrated appliances (made to look like part of the cabinetry)?

Some other design choices to consider are wood species, frameless or framed construction, door style, hardware, finish colors, and convenience options for extra storage and organization. Once these design decisions have been made, then the work of refining and customizing the project to fit your exact needs begins.

Contact us today and let’s get started!